I’ve been a golfer all my life and for the last 10-15 years I’ve been a collector of golf domain names. During that period I’ve accumulated a broad selection of generic domain names that target specific products, services and occupations within the golf industry space. I don’t publish lists and I don’t advertise my names but the fact that you are here now is probably because you typed one of them into your browser bar and were re-directed here. Direct navigation, as this is called, is a sign of a good domain name. Having a domain name that tells people exactly what products or services you offer enhances people’s ability to remember the name of your site and thus come back again, independent of pay-per-click or having to play the search engine game. It also increases the conversion of browsers into customers by pre-selling your business for you. In today’s online world your domain name is your business card. So what does yours say about you?

I rarely sell domain names, and feel no great urge to sell them now, as they will likely hold value longer than any of the paper currencies that are currently being created in their trillions backed by nothing. However, if you have a plan and think you may need a particular domain name of mine to give yourself the best chance of success I am open to hearing what you have to say. My goal – even if it takes many years to achieve – is to see each of my domain names being put to work for their highest and best purpose. So if you have an interesting proposal for any of them I am open to suggestions.

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Email: domains@golfindustrydomains.com